Best Manga of 2020

Manga is fun and very entertaining, that is why we never have a shortage when we want to read them. However, as much as we are blessed with an endless collection, sometimes the fact that there are so many will leave you awestricken about where to start. That is why we have a few great titles that we are sure that you will enjoy. 

Manga That You Should Be Reading

Blood on the Tracks by Shuzo Oshimi

If you are a horror fan, this is the manga that you should be reading. This manga follows a relationship between a middle school student and his mother. The good and the bad part about this is that his mother happens to be over protective. Almost as overprotective as online casino are to their players. 

The boy, Seiichi Osabe is a simple ordinary boy who thinks that he is living an ordinary life. Like every other boy he is dealing with school, crushes and growing up. His mom is a bit clingy, but most moms who live with just their sons are clingy, so nothing scary tight? 

Things were going just fine up until a terrifying incident shows that his mother, is everything else but normal, and that there is more to the clinginess than meets the eye.

A Man And His Cat By Umi Sakurai

Just like the title reads, this manga is about a man and his cat, literally and figuratively. The cat, has been thrown from one shelter to another as there was no one who wanted to adopt it. While the man, is having a hard time dealing with the fact that his wife has passed away and his children no longer visit him. 

Both the man and his cat are alone in the world that does not seem to understand what they are both going through. Therefore, they find solace in each other.

Perfect World by Rie Aruga

Tsugumi somehow finds herself being reunited with her high school crush Itsuki. And even after all those years apart, she finds herself falling for him again. However, a lot has changed for the both of them since they last met and reigniting the old flames seems to be more of challenge than Tsugumi imagined. For starters, Itsuki, has achieved his dreams of being an architect, but he is also wheelchair bound due to a spinal injury. 

Downfall by Ino Asano

After many tries, the main character of this manga has finally achieved his goal of being a successful manga artist. However, the success is nothing like he imagined that it would be like.

After having completed his first series, he must now try and come up with a second one that is just a as good. However, the creative juices just wont flow and he is stuck. And if that wasn’t enough, his personal life is a mess and his marriage is falling apart while is mental health is also at the brink of collapse. This manga makes you question the cost of success and will have you thinking if it’s worth it or not.