Manga are supposed to fun and exciting, and most of them are. Just like how online casino games are meant to fun and exciting a swell. However, every now and again there are those few manga and those few online casino game that make you want to question the aspect of reading manga and even playing online casino games. To make sure that you never second your choice of reading manga, we have a few manga that we recommend that you need to steer clear from, as these are some of the worst manga ever.

Manga You Need To Stay Away From

When trying to find the some of the most annoying to read, it won’t help searching for the worst manga ever as there is manga tilted Worst. Instead we have a few titles that readers have reviewed and decided that they just didn’t make the cut. 

The worst part of most of these is that they were either ruined by being turned into Anime or they were anime tuned manga. But the bottom line is that these are some of the worst manga that you need to avoid if you ever want to continue reading manga. 


This manga turned Anime is something that some may enjoy, but as for us, it’s a big no. This is because the story is about two girls who fall in love with the same boy. And throughout the series, we follow how their relationships flow. Why we do not want this because we think that storyline is too cliché. How many dramas, movies and even manga do we have about two girls falling in love with e same boy?

Gal to Kyouryuu

This anime is also known as Gal and Dinosaur. It follows a story about a girl who lives with a dinosaur and all the silly things that they get on with while living together. While we think that, it may be exciting, for some people but for others, the storyline feels a bit too childish for their liking. But then again there are others who might just be thrilled at the concept. 

One Punch Man Season 3

The first season of One Punch man was quite amazing if we much say so ourselves. However, due to the fact season two was rushed and everything ended up being a mess and that makes us dread to think what season three might be like. As such, we do want to even think of the possibility of the many wrong things that could wrong in this manga.


Berserk as a manga is amazing, however the issue lies with the Anime adaptation. Somehow they failed to give the viewers the same manner feeling that the manga gave its readers. Therefore, its  manga that we think you should stay way from as it may give you the impression that all manga tuned anime are bad

Domestic na Kanojo

This manga, at first was great, then somehow the writers changed the plot and then everything went down the rail. The whole build of the manga at the end of the day leads to nothing.